Juice Drinking Tips

Benefit of Drinking Fresh Fruit Juices


Talk about optimal health, taking natural vitamins from fruits that are filled with living enzymes, antioxidants and antibiotics that's mixed with essential minerals is more superior than those pasteurized fruit products that we buy because it means that they are heated and processed and thus killing the vitamins and minerals.


If you take away all the processed products from your diet, then what you have left are fresh fruits which you can either take in as is or liquefied.  But even this is highly debated as to which way is better?


Although fruits and fruit juice are basically the same, eating a whole fruit has many fibers that helps our gastrointestinal digestion and makes us feel full.  When you take fruit that has been juiced this means that a large part of the digesting process has already been started and so your body will not have to work as much as when you eat the fruit whole.  So, strictly speaking, the food value might be the same but the nutrient density when eaten is higher.  If this is what goes on in the body, then it is really the person's choice of how to take that same optimal health product.


The handiness of boire des jus is what makes people prefer it over eating fresh fruit.  This means that you are not left with messy refuse while you are drinking it, you don't bring the bulk of the fruit when you want to take it along, and you don't smear your things since it is placed in a tightly closed container.


For all that, one of the greatest advantage of juicing them instead of eating them as a whole, is the fact that you would at least need 10 to 12 apples to get the same amount of nutrients you receive in one 16 oz. juice.  This means that when you drink it, you are taking a highly concentrated vitamins, minerals, enzymes etc. rapidly entering into your bloodstreams.  So this is an advantage because you can absorb more nutritional value in drinking a small bottle of juice than when eating its equivalent which you cannot even finish because you get full even by just eating 1 or 2 fruits.


That being said, when your capacity to take more than your mouth can take, it increases your energy, strengthened your immunity, gain stronger bones and also obtain a glowing complexion. Check out http://www.dictionary.com/browse/juice for more details about fruit juice.


It has also been shown by many studies that the bottled juices that are pasteurized and given vitamin boost will not help prevent chronic diseases.  A synthetic vitamin or mineral is again also nothing but a laboratory simulation of the real thing.  The bottle fruit juices bought from stores actually only have imitation vitamins and minerals which give no additional nutrition to your body despite tasking the same, looking the same, and having the same fruit density. You can buy it ici!